Friday, June 8, 2012

Hormones: The Results Are In

Last month my Dr had me undergo a month long hormone test via saliva.

The results are in.

Before I give you my results and subsequent treatment plan, I need to make a disclaimer. My reason for giving you these results are not to have you go out and mimic my plan. That would be unwise. These are recommendations for my body specifically and are done under a Dr's supervision. The purpose, instead, is awareness of perhaps some products you didn't know existed that you can ask your Dr about, or to perhaps have you asking if you maybe need to get your own hormones checked out.

With that said, here it goes...

I wasn't really that surprised by my results, but I guess I didn't realize that it was truly that bad.

The Results:

  • My progesterone is chronically low throughout my entire cycle and drops quickly again after I ovulate. This should not be happening and is what causes PMS symptoms (contrary to popular belief, PMS symptoms are not normal) and miscarriages.
  • My estrogen is too high throughout my entire cycle.
  • When your reproductive organs aren't functioning properly, your adrenal glands take over. When that happens for too long, your adrenals become taxed and since your adrenals produce DHEA, which then converts into Free Testosterone, those will also be low. Such is the case with me: taxed adrenals, low DHEA and low testosterone.
  • Your FSH Surge must attain a certain level to mediate maturity and selection of the dominant follicle, and promote optimal conversion of androgen to estrogen. My numbers weren't even on the chart, they were so low.
  • The LH Surge must attain a certain threshold to induce, and trigger ovulation to stimulate the formation of a viable corpus luteum for progesterone production. Mine, of course, was low.
  • When your FSH and LH aren't working properly, this can indicate that your brain is not communicating with your ovaries properly.

The Treatment:

Given that everything is messed up, I need to be on much supplementation to correct everything. The main things we need to accomplish are: to naturally clear my body of the excess estrogen while supplementing progesterone. We need to support my adrenals and get my DHEA up (this should then, in effect, increase my testosterone without supplementation). We need to support my brain function to improve communication with my ovaries. Therefore, the following is my new daily regimen (and is equal to a part-time job to try to keep track of!)

These are all in addition to my regular regimen to support my liver, clear my body of candida, and support my digestive system. All of which are usually issues for women with Endometriosis.

As far as diet goes, my Dr has informed me that for women with PCOS, 90% of feeling better is diet. And we're still trying to kill off the candida. So, with those two things in mind, my current diet recommendations are:

  • No Starch / Anti-Candida Diet (low carb fruit is now ok)
  • Small Protein Snack before BED

So, there you have it. Is it any wonder I haven't been feeling well?! I can't wait to start feeling better!