Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bring Oak Home!

Dear Readers,

My friend Erika, and her husband, Jason, are in the process of adopting a beautiful baby boy from Haiti. His name is Oak and he is 5-months-old.

Since July, Erika has been living and serving in Haiti as she oversees the job-creation and youth mentoring programs of 3seams, a ministry established by her family ( Though she went to Haiti to serve and help raise families out of extreme poverty, she was approached about intervening in the life of a newborn baby who had lost his mother. Erika and Jason were asked to adopt and rescue him from an unsafe situation, in a country that is profoundly broken.
The process has been swift and because of the circumstances, there was no time to plan or save money, only to act immediately as God directed them. Though they have scraped together the funds needed through the early parts of the adoption, the costs of the attorney and the orphanage were more substantial than they expected.

As they neared the completion of the process, they were informed that the process could not be completed, and Erika would not be able to return to the US with Oak, until nearly $10,000 was raised to cover the final expenses...and thus began the “Bring Oak Home!!” campaign.

In the meantime, Erika and Oak are living in conditions far below standards considered acceptable in the US. The personal living space for the two of them is one 10’ x 10’ room. Running water and electricity are sporadic. The water and much of the food is unsafe for consumption, so water must be boiled for cleaning and purchased for drinking, and food must be shipped in with missionaries. They have no car or personal means of transportation, and when they are sick, they’re access to reasonable health care is extremely limited…and far from US standards. This was particularly scary, for example, when Oak was spiking fevers of 105 degrees. Being a new Mom is difficult enough; could you imagine having to do it alone in a country like Haiti?

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