Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hunger As a Metaphor

My eating is used to escape from uncomfortable feelings. If I am having a difficult time coping with confusing or conflicting feelings, I discovered that I can plunge into binging large quantities of food. I can't breathe freely with a too-full belly and if I can't breathe freely, I can't experience my feelings.

Food serves as a constant companion when I feel a pervasive sense of loneliness and emptiness. Eating becomes something to do, a way of filling up the empty space in my life by creating a sense of fullness in my stomach. 

We all use food to one degree or another for reasons other than physical nutrition. It only becomes a problem with it becomes the only thing we ever do to cope.

In order for me to recover from my ED, I need to discover the deeper meaning of my hunger, so that I can recognize that my desire to eat compulsively may be speaking to me about my greatest hearts desire that remains unfulfilled; my tendency to stuff myself may be an attempt to stuff down "unacceptable" or "troublesome" feelings; my need to eat continually may be a reflection of the constant emptiness I experience in my life.