Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trader Joe's... Not My Friend

So I decided to venture out last week and try Trader Joe's, since it seems to be the cheapest for organic food. The problem is that most places that are "cheap" in my area, are also far away... a half hour drive, at least. So, after driving through construction to get to Trader Joe's, I was already not in the best mood, yet still excited for what I might find. However, the experience was horrible...

First, the entire store is busy, busy, busy. I went on a Saturday, so that doesn't help, but it's not that big and there were people everywhere with their carts. I tried to go around a woman who's daughter was taking forever to get something off the shelf to which the woman replied to her daughter, "Well, she's just going to cut you off there, isn't she?!" RUDE!

Second, everything was all over the place... there didn't seem to be much order at all. They didn't have a very big selection of produce and you couldn't clearly tell what was organic and what wasn't.

Lastly, the prices didn't seem to be that much cheaper than the organic Target items or even some of the organic Cub items. However, they did have an AMAZING frozen macaroni & cheese product, though it wasn't organic or vegan.

Trader Joe's Store = 0
Trader Joe's Mac & Cheese = 1/2 a point ;)