Monday, May 2, 2011

Rotten Attitude, Rotten Food

Isn't it amazing that when you don't seem to have time for God, your life starts to fall apart? Everything feels so incredibly hard? And all your efforts towards what you think is the right path seem to NOT go that way? That's been my experience as of late. BUT... God is such a good God. I have an app on Facebook that's called something like, "What God wants you to know today". Wouldn't you know, this is the one I received, just after getting my 3rd "high" blood sugar reading for the week (My midwife appointment is tomorrow, so we'll find out what exactly that means for my birth plan)...

On this day, God wants you to know
... that all is well. What could you not accept, if you but knew that everything that happens, all events, past, present, and to come, are gently planned by One Whose only purpose is your good?

I sooo needed to hear this lately. Thank you God for always meeting me right where I am at. Help me learn to Trust You.

Feeling pretty good! I irritated my sciatic again today, from lifting groceries. LOL! 

29 weeks pregnant
Total Weight Gained: (-2 lb)

I'm on a hunt. I'm currently in research mode for the best grocery store in our area. Now that I've pretty much cut out all processed foods, I'll be buying virtually the same things each week (for the most part). So, instead of driving to 4 different grocery stores to get what I need, I decided to start researching who has the overall best prices for what I typically will buy. I've started a spreadsheet and once I gather all my info, I'll be posting it on my blog, so watch for that!

We've also been on another hunt... something rotten in our fridge. We threw out the broccoli, but that wasn't it. We smelled the cauliflower a couple times, but didn't think that was it. Today, I cooked up the cauliflower, took one bite and spit it out! Yuck! My whole house still smells like rotten cauliflower. I think I'll be buying frozen cauliflower for awhile...