Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Healthy Drinking Water - Quick Review

The following is a handout that I got from my Kinesiologist, Dr. Alenov.

Anything in the article referred to as "I" or "my" is referring to Dr. Alenov.


What is healthy drinking water? I refrain from using the phrase "pure" when discussing water since this term can be misleading. Just because you have taken everything out of your water does not make it healthy. I will attempt to summarize my 5+ years of water research into key points below. For a more thorough understanding of water please read "Water & Salt" by Barbara Hendel & Peter Ferreira.

While a discussion on healthy drinking water could easily fill 10-20 pages, I wish to simply state what healthy drinking water is, that everyone on the planet needs it, and how you can obtain it for you and your family. In order for your body to use the water you drink for healing and regeneration the following things must be true. There are no exceptions.

  • It must have a pH between 7.35 and 7.8
  • It must be cleared of the hundreds of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, viruses, prions and other unwanted matter that is present in tap water today. (If you think water treatment facilities are doing this for you...think again.)
  • If must have a "clean memory". To better understand the concept of water memory please visit
  • It must contain the proper minerals and elements. Consuming water that is void of minerals (such as Reverse Osmosis Water) will cause your body to LOSE MINERALS.

If even 1 of the 4 is not true of your water supply, you are not drinking truly healthy water. Water is the MOST IMPORTANT nutrient that you feed your body each and every day and it deserves the very best if you wish to be healthy.

Water pH
Water pH is so important because your body MUST bring the water pH to between 7.35 and 7.4 before it can travel through your blood stream. 7.34 is the pH of your blood and if it goes up or down by 0.1 you die. This is the main reason why people can drink liters of water day, but none of it will enter the body, it merely "passes through" and leaves via your kidneys. You can drink plenty of water and still have cellular dehydration.

No one disputes that we should clean the water from our tap. That is a no brainer. However, most water "purifiers" also take out the minerals, make the water more acidic, and do not clear the water memory. In other words, doing 1 of the 4 listed above still leaves you with very low quality water.

Water Memory
Water has the ability to "remember" everything that it has come into contact with. This is known as the "memory of water". If you put tap water through a reverse osmosis purifier you will remove 99.9% of the stuff you don't want in your water, however, it will still have a memory of all the junk that was in it. The "memory" can be just as damaging to your cells as the real thing. This is a very new scientific understanding that requires some quantum physics to explain. I will refrain from doing so here.

Healthy Minerals
Your body needs "healthy minerals" to survive. Most minerals we consume from animal proteins, dairy, poor quality supplements, and water are indigestible to the human body. This means your body must work hard to get rid of them because they cannot be used. Healthy minerals are ionized. Artesian waters and plants are the best source of ionized minerals. Well water typically has very hard (non-ionized) minerals that we cannot use in our bodies. They can cause kidney stones, arthritic joints, hardening of the arteries, and many other health issues.

Let's quickly review the types of water available to us and what we can do to fix them.

Tap Water: Does not meet any of the 4 requirements. Very little tap water has a pH above 7.0. If it does, that is because it is being artificially raised by a contaminant or the treatment plant. Purifying the water will most likely drop the pH. Tap water MUST be filtered through carbon or Reverse Osmosis.

Carbon Filtration: Sink top filters, bucket drip filters, refrigerator filter, etc are all carbon filters. These are better than nothing, but nowhere close to what you need. The most effective carbon filters are larger and contain more carbon than the above mentioned systems. They usually go under the sink or in the basement and take up a considerable amount of space. Again, this alone only looks at 1 of the 4 requirements.

Reverse Osmosis: Reverse Osmosis is more thorough than carbon filters. It removes almost everything including all the minerals. For this reason Reverse Osmosis water is usually very acidic (pH of 6.5 or lower) and is very hard for your body to absorb. In order for your cells to use this water you must raise the pH by taking minerals from your body and adding them to the fluids, then your body must clear the memory of the water. Both processes rob you of energy and valuable resources. Many studies from around the world have found that regular use of Reverse Osmosis water can cause mineral deficiency issues.

In order to make Reverse Osmosis or carbon filtered water less of a stress on your body you must do the following:
  1. Add a pinch of high-quality sea salt to each gallon.
  2. Add a few drops of quality colloidal minerals to each gallon.
  3. Run your Reverse Osmosis water through a structured water device or attach a water structuring unit to your house's water main in order to clear the "water memory". See for details - units can be purchased at Alenov Wellness Center.
Bottled Water: Buyer beware! What is in that bottle? Most bottled water is 1 of the 3 types listed above. Reverse Osmosis, Carbon Filtered, or even Tap Water. If it is coming from a "spring" somewhere, here is the dirty little secret. Most of these springs are contaminated. So the water has to be filtered, ozonated and processed before it is bottled. What are you paying for?

Artesian Water: The only truly healthy natural waters come from Artesian Wells. These are not "springs" that run out in the open or through contaminated soils. Artesian Wells are moving streams of water locked deep in the earth. After the water has been "cleaned"by the earth and the memory has been erased the waters eventually return to the surface. Many natural artesian wells can be found around the world. There are several in the Twin Cities area. The water is clean, the minerals in it are ionized and ready to use and of course the pH is favorable, usually between 7.3 and 7.8. It is almost as if the earth new exactly what the human body needed most. The only verifiable artesian water that is bottled and sold in stores in mass if "Fiji Water". It comes from the Fiji islands and yes is very expensive. A gallon will run you about $8.

Great Glacier Natural Artesian Water: Great Glacier water is a natural artesian well in the center of Wisconsin. It has won worldwide awards for taste and purity. Being an artesian water means it fills all 4 requirements for healthy water. I have spoken to the CEO in length on several occasions. Their philosophy and standards for care are excellent. The water comes from the ground pure and uncontaminated. It requires no filtering or disinfections. It is tested daily and bottled at the source. You can purchase it and have it delivered to your door in 5 gallon jugs or 1 gallon jugs for $1.40 per gallon. Finken Water is the distributor for the Twin Cities area. Their contact information is: 763-389-5466;

I personally use Great Glacier water at my home and office. I also have a water structuring unit attached to my house's water main. This eliminates the need for a water softener.