Sunday, March 23, 2008


Well, we skipped the Good Friday service. From the last few years of attending Woodland Hills, they do a good job of making the day very real for you. And what I remember of myself, I usually get pretty emotional. I couldn't handle it. I had to skip. Then, I got a wonderful email from a friend who made it feel so much better! I asked her if I could share it with you and she said it was okay, so here it is:

"Nick and I were just talking about how Easter is bittersweet as last year we had lost the baby on Tuesday and easter was that following Sunday...I just remember thinking how I understood a tiny bit of what Mary must have felt to be so completely out of control and watch her son be brutally murdered and taken away right in front of her--how mad she must have been at God and how confused."

This brought me so much comfort in knowing MARY knows how I feel. You feel so alone and to know that MARY of all people, gets it, I mean really gets it...ah, what a comforting sigh of relief. Thank you for sharing this with me Kristin!

So, we made it to Easter today and while I'm still fighting being happy one minute and bitchy/crying the next, I made it through the service. And I enjoyed watching Isabel find her Easter basket from mom and dad (we are NOT telling her there's an Easter bunny!) and going straight for the chocolate! She is her mother's daughter! :) I didn't even care that the chocolate drool when straight down her chin all over her pretty pink dress and white sweater. And how much fun it was to hide the eggs and have her find them and give a surprised look when we opened them up and found...more candy!!! Yes, it was a fun Easter.

But, now back to reality. The baby still has not passed. I fear a D&C.