Monday, March 12, 2012

Kids Culinary Adventure: Meatballs

We're always looking for fun and free stuff to do with the kids, so you can imagine my excitement when my husband told me about a Kids Culinary Adventure that our local restaurant puts on.

The 2nd Monday evening of every month, The Machine Shed of Woodbury puts on a free event called "Kids Culinary Adventure". The chef picks the food and walks the kids through how to make it.

We have always had so much fun with this and it's a highlight of my daughter's month! So, I thought I'd capture what we do each month in a series here on my blog. (They'll all be collected in one place under a tab called, "Kids Culinary Adventure"). That way, you can maybe start doing this at home with your own kids!

Have fun with this!


Materials Needed:
*I can't remember all the ingredients that were used nor do I know exact amounts, so you might want to find a good recipe to use.
-Recipe Ingredients
-Plastic Gloves
-Prepared Spaghetti
-Prepared Spaghetti Sauce
-Parmesan (optional)
-Garlic Bread

Once you've gathered all your ingredients, have the kids dump each ingredient into a large mixing bowl. Then put on your gloves and let them go to town, mixing all the ingredients with their gloves. The kids loved this part!

Then bake the meatballs, and assemble your plate.