Thursday, April 17, 2008

Aiming Your Anger at the Wrong Target

The stuff written in black is word-for-word from the book, "I'll hold you in heaven" by Jack Hayford. The stuff written in red are my comments.

There is a verse of Scripture that is often quoted, and it’s amazing what some have done with it! Some people clip off the beginning and forget the end. We say: “All things work together for good.”…the verse is quoted with a…passive stance that suggests “What will be, will be,” as though we are helpless victims of God’s sovereign will who, whatever happens, just have to hope for the best.

But that’s not what this verse says. There’s a certainty in it: “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, and those who are called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:28. What the passage is really saying is that no matter how our soul’s enemy attacks or human circumstances impact our lives, God can ultimately take the pain or problem, redeem it and use it for good. What Satan planned for evil, God can use for good.

I kept telling myself this over and over again...God will take the pain or problem and use it for good. When you're going through circumstances sometimes, you can't see what possible good could come from it. However, I've recently had the pleasure of exchanging conversation with a friend who was inquiring how I have kept my faith through this all. There are concepts she's never been introduced to, such as, Spiritual Warfare, since she primarily has been exposed to the Catholic church. This has opened a door for our dialogue to discuss such issues, which I hope and pray will bring her closer to Christ.

Now, before I get ransacked with comments about the Catholic church, let me assure you that I am not bashing them. I, myself, attending Catholic church and school for most of my life. There are many great things about the Catholic faith. It wasn't actually until college I started to explore other churches and denominations. Woodland Hills Church just fit. I was being exposed to concepts I'd never thought about before. I knew Jesus died for my sins, thanks to my Catholic roots, but I didn't really understand what that meant for my life here and now. Things were being explained to me in a way that landed over here. My life and was changing and so was I - all for the better. Woodland Hills Church or other churches for that matter, don't "fit" for everyone. Sometimes the tradition of the Catholic church is exactly what a person needs. That person just isn't me.

It’s possible that coping with the loss of your child has led you down a path of bitterness and anger. But your loss wasn’t God’s fault. We live in a broken, imperfect world, and we are memebers of a fallen race. The residual fallout of that Fall continually appears around us in the form of sickness, sin, natural disaster, tragedy and death. If, however, you make God the focus of your frustration, you not only fail to receive the comfort He can give, but you also are wasting emotional energy by aiming your anger at the wrong target.

As I shared yesterday, I did NOT let God's comfort in. I WAS down a path of bitterness and anger. I WAS blaming God! I didn't waste a lot of emotional energy by doing this. Once I had my "a-ha" moment though, the peace came flooding in...and so did the tears! :)

Talk with the Lord about the child you once had. Openly describe your bewilderment, and ask questions. Believe in His love’s willingness to embrace you in your pain – and even to understand your fears. But, dear friends, don’t blame Him. Trust Him.

We can talk freely with God about all our feelings, asking any questions our hearts want to ask. He knows our hearts and not only forgives our misunderstandings, but also as the one perfect, loving Father, He welcomes our coming to Him – even spilling our tears, our sorrow and our heartache. Bring it all into His presence. He not only will accept your heart cry, but He will also comfort you. His Holy Spirit wants to help you do that – and He’s the best comforter of all.