Tuesday, April 1, 2008

All I Ask of You

All I Ask Of You
Written by Floria Kelderhouse

Don't tell me you know how I feel,You haven't walked in my shoes.
Don't tell me I have other children to love,That won't bring back the son that I lost.
Don't tell me to get out of the house,Maybe I just want to stay here and mournfor my lost son.
Don't tell me it will get better,From my point of view it will never be better.
Don't tell me it could be worse,How much worse than this could it be.
Don't tell me to trust in God,I do trust in Him and love Him,That won't bring my son back
Don't tell me to eat and take care of myself,Maybe the food won't stay down.Maybe I don't care about myself right now.
Don't tell me to try to get some sleep,Don't you think I would love to sleep?
Don't tell me all this, You haven't walked in my shoes.

Do tell me you care.
Do tell me you love me.
Do tell me you will be there if I need you.
If I need to just talk to call you.Or better yet, you call me.Just listen, that's all, just listen.
Do let me cry.
Do let me mourn.
Do let me experience this terrible loss that I feel.
Do pray for me.
That is all I ask.