Tuesday, November 1, 2011

12-week Postpartum

"For what I am doing, I do not understand; for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but I am doing the very thing I hate." ~Romans 7:15 NASB

This has been a rough month for me. My health has been threatened in many many ways. I was having pain in my left breast (and found a lump), pain in the left side of my pelvis and then suffered a double corneal infection. Luckily, the lump and pain turned out to be nothing of concern at this time. They will continue to keep an eye on both.

After having DD, I let my diet slide a bit. I thought it wasn't a big deal if I indulged in a bit of fast-food here and there and allowed myself some processed sugar. BIG.MISTAKE. I got cocky about my will-power. I got cocky that I had beaten the sugar and over-eating addictions that were so rampant in my life for so long.

Two weeks. Two weeks was all it took for me to spiral into complete and total destruction. What started with an innocent brownie, ended in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual disaster.

Yesterday was my "rock bottom". The past 2 days I've survived off nothing but processed sugars... candy, packaged brownies, donuts, pop, etc. The only thing of sustenance that I consumed was chili and that was only because my friend made it. After coming home with a horrible tummyache from eating so much of my DD's candy, I finally hit bottom again.

This is not me. This is not the life I want. This is not who God says that I am.

So, today is a new day. And today I start living my life by who God says that I am... Healed, HEALTHY and Whole. That's a much better life anyway.


I was re-tested for all of my food sensitivities. I tested fine for all foods now! However, I plan to limit the amount of red meat, caffeine & corn that I consume. I plan to completely eliminate sugar and soy. And since I haven't really had too much of a problem in the past with dairy or wheat, I'll keep those in my diet for now.

I've randomly been taking Zumba and Yoga classes at my local gym. And I was training for my first post-baby 5K, The Anoka Grey Ghost Run, using the C25K plan. I was about 11 days behind on my training when the 5K arrived, but I finished!

This is me (on your left), with my friend Teresa. Teresa kept track on her phone using a RunKeeper app, so originally we thought we had run 10 minute miles. We were both amazed! However, the next day, after RunKeeper did more of it's computing, we realized it was all messed up. So, we're going with 3.1 miles in 37.2 minutes. That's still really good! Slightly faster than my high school speed and I just had a baby 3 months ago!

I really need to have a trainer or someone take a look at my running. By the end of the run, both knees were hurting and ever since Saturday my right foot hurts when I put pressure on it. Oy.


Post Baby Progress

From beginning to now...
5 Days Post-Baby
Wt Lost Since Delivery: 14 lbs
12 Wks Post-Baby
Wt Lost Since Delivery: 18 lbs

From last month to now...
8 Wks Post-Baby
Wt Lost Since Delivery: 21 lbs
12 Wks Post-Baby:
Wt Lost Since Delivery: 18 lbs

As you can see, I gained another 3 lbs this month. Not happy about it, but it is what it is. Not going to dwell, going to move forward!


Lastly, here are my hubby and I with our precious Princess Belle and Chili Pepper...