Sunday, February 12, 2012

Elissa's Benefit

Hi Everyone,
Some of you may remember Elissa, some of you may have never met her. Elissa is one of my oldest friends from high school & she was nearly killed in an ATV accident in Costa Rica on Friday. She's already had 2 surgeries and needs at least 1 more. Her family is working with the US Embassy & is trying to get her home, but there are complications and finances is a big one. Please please please please help financially if you can. If all you can do is prayer, then that is more than enough! Our God is bigger than this struggle!

Written by one of Elissa's sisters (Mary):

My sister Elissa, her husband Ron, and two friends went to Costa Rica this past Wednesday for her birthday. They have been waiting for this trip all year! Yesterday they went ATV-ing together when a motorcycle came around a turn toward Elissa, was too close, swiped her and caused her to lose control. She fell off her ATV and rolled down a 50-70 foot canyon, breaking both of her arms, and her leg, so bad the bone protruded through her skin, also among many scratches and bruises. Ron witnessed the whole thing and slid down after her. He couldn't quite see her but as he came closer she was laying on the ledge. Her leg was caught in a small tree, which was actually a blessing, because it stopped her. Thank God, because he must have been watching over her yesterday. She layed in the canyon for two hours before help arrived, in which they had to lift and pulley her up. From there, it was a 2-hour ambulance ride to the hospital in San Jose. Luckily she had her helmet on, and luckily no internal bleeding was incurred. The hardest part of all of this is Elissa is "stuck in" San Jose, Costa Rica.
She has had two surgeries so far, and they want to do another on Tuesday. They want Ron to pay $10,000 in addition to the $5,000 already paid for the treatment up front, which will only make a small dent in any further expenses. My sisters and I are trying to work with Ron and the embassy to figure out what options available to get Elissa home to the United States.
Ron's family is putting together a fundraiser benefit. She does have a benefit account set up at any Wells Fargo. Here is the information:

Elissa Merritt Benefit Trust Wells Fargo Banks Account 3728192075
People can go to any Wells Fargo Bank and make a deposit or Transfer. The benefit information is still being determined, but will be announced soon. PLEASE anything will help, including prayers. Let’s get Elissa home safely.
We appreciate your kind words, prayers, and generosity 
 Love, The family of Elissa “Palmer” Merritt
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