Friday, January 18, 2013

"Love Your Body" Progress Report - Week 2

So, this week just started out bad...
(sorry this post is late, better late than never, right?)

Monday, January 7th
The plan: TIU's Crush Cardio routine + an additional 30 minutes of cardio
I went 2.7 miles in 32 minutes with this routine, but afterwards it started to feel like my shin (but on the inside of my leg) was giving me some trouble. So, I didn't do an additional 30 minutes of cardio.

Tuesday, January 8th
The plan: TIU's Total Body Toning Video
I went to the chiropractor and he thought that I strained by Tibialis Anterior. I was instructed to take it easy on it and ice it. TIU's video didn't get posted in time, so instead I did a kettlebell toning workout from their website. Didn't seem to hurt my leg too much.

Wednesday, January 9th
The plan: TIU's Secret Admirer cardio routine + Malibooty toning routine
I did Malibooty at home in the morning and went to the gym in the evening to complete Secret Admirer. I tried to take it easy. Instead of running, I tried walking and adjusting the incline on the treadmill. I went 0.95 miles in 15 minutes. Then, I moved onto the elliptical and went 2.18 miles in 15 minutes. Last, I was supposed to go 10 minutes on the stairmill, but because the Tibilalis Anterior is responsible for lifting your foot off the ground, I thought I'd do the bike instead. So, I did 1.9 miles in 10 minutes. The seat on the bike was hurting my endometriosis, though. I made sure to stretch and use the foam roller after my workout.

Thursday, January 10th
The plan: Try-it Thursday - try a new routine.
A friend & I took a water aerobics class and let me tell you, those are no joke! It was so much fun! There was quite a bit of jumping and kicking off the bottom of the pool, though, so my leg was still not very happy.

Friday, Janary 11th
The plan: TIU's Cupid's Cardio routine + Sunkissed Abs routine + 12 Plank Twists per hour
I stuck with the 12 Plank Twists per hour, except when I was meeting with a friend at the mall that morning. That would've been awkward, huh? ;-) I decided to attempt Cupid's Cardio on the elliptical to give my leg a bit of a rest. I went hard and did 4.63 miles in 33 minutes! I would've kept going, but the dumb machine turned off on me. So, I decided to finish it off on the treadmill. I tried to run at 4.5 mph, which is pretty slow for me, but it hurt my leg. I tried walking at 3.8 mph and even that hurt my leg. So, I just leisurely walked at a 1% incline. Afterwards, I foam rolled and discovered that the foam rollers are from the devil. Seriously. Worst pain ever. I almost cried. Almost. I was pretty spent after all that, so I decided to do the Sunkissed Ab routine on Saturday instead.

Saturday, January 12th
The plan: 60 mins of any FUN cardio
Zumba it was! And then I also did the Sunkissed Ab routine from Friday. Unfortunately, Zumba was really difficult and I couldn't do much. I tried not to jump or do anything that would make it worse, but it just wasn't working. After doing some research (and the pain location changed a bit), I believe I've severely strained one of the large muscles in my calf. I was really angry and disappointed with my body. The only way to heal it? Rest, ice, compression and elevation.

Sunday, January 13th
The plan: complete a 5K
I did nothing. I rested. Boo.


What I ate:
Unfortunately, I ate a lot of things I shouldn't have. I didn't completely let myself go, but I also wasn't as good as I could've been. One really healthy thing that I've been loving is Averie's "Spicy Doritos" Cheezy Dip with raw veggies! Makes the perfect snack.

How I loved my body:
TIU gave us another challenge for the weekend... to pamper, relax and enjoy some YOU time! They even provided a DIY Sweet & Salty Body Scrub recipe! I didn't have all the "healthy" items on hand because I was at my parents house, but I did manage to make the recipe using what they had on hand. It was amazing!!! I can't wait to make this using all the healthy ingredients! Think of how expensive and how much added crap are in all those body scrubs you buy. This smells amazing and works great! It's perfect for our midwest winter (and dry) months. I won't be buying body scrub anymore. I'll be making my own.


Here are my progress photos. Given the week I had, with not eating the best and then being hurt, so not being able to do all the workouts, I'm pretty happy with still losing 0.7#'s.

Starting Weight: 139#
Last Week's Weight: 136.9#
Week 2 Weight: 136.2#

Week 1
Week 2: Arms are becoming more shapely.
Abs are becoming more defined.

Week 1
Week 2: Abs are more contour & becoming more defined.

Week 1
Week 2: Abs are becoming more defined.