Monday, October 25, 2010

Some Great Articles & Products

I assure you I have not fallen off the face of the blogworld, but rather, just been overwhelmingly busy. To prove, I've still been following (just not posting), here are some great articles that I would recommend:

Awesome blog post on misleading product labels.

Caitlin's Swaps & Add Posts - look at the bottom of this one for the other 2 installments.

Inspiring Teens!

Today's breakfast was nothing special... a slice of toast w/almond butter and honey on it. I'm still working on trying to find a wheat-free bread that I like... any recommendations?

Lunch was a little better. I made a GIANT salad. I've made this before, just never posted about it, so here you are... This is so yummy!
Monica's Chickpea Asian Slaw
I didn't make the salad dressing that she recommended. I used a jarred Annie's asian one instead. If you are following the Endo-diet, read label carefully...
As you can see, this one contained Soy AND Wheat... both no-no's. I ate it anyway. Gotta use up what I've already got in the fridge.

Lastly, I have a few randoms for you...
I finally got a new food processor!
Costco - $25! What a steal!
I love this product! (But it contains soy, boo)
I'm on a quest to find some all-natural personal/beauty products that I actually like. I LOVE this organic shampoo and conditioner, but it contains soy. :( If you aren't sensitive to soy, I'd HIGHLY recommend this. It can be found in your local CVS and Walgreens stores.