Saturday, June 18, 2011

Labor & Delivery Scare

Yesterday was a crap shoot.

My hubby gets Fridays off in the summer, which is really nice, usually.

We decided to start moving our chiropractic appointments to Fridays, because it's only a mile from our house. Plus, it's on the same street as the Farmer's Market. So, we figured we could walk to our appointments, hit the Farmer's Market and head home, all on foot.

It's a great plan! Except I'm 9 months pregnant...

I made it through the 2 mile walk great! It was a challenge, even at a pace of 20 minutes/mile and thank the Lord above for nearby stores with public bathrooms (I stopped 2 times)!

But when we got home something happened that changed the course of how our Friday was going to go...

I went to the bathroom for the 3rd time and noticed this time that I had leaked fluid. (Sorry, I tend to be the queen of TMI, but this tidbit is important.) I didn't think much of it since I wasn't having contractions, but after talking with a few friends, they convinced me to call the midwife.

The midwife was concerned and said, "It's hard to tell over the phone, but it sounds like your water broke and like the baby possibly pooped. You need to come in right away." Did I mention that I still have 4 weeks to go till my due date? How about that we didn't have our bags packed for the hospital yet? Oy! So, an hour later, we were off to the hospital (which is a 1/2 hr drive).

I was admitted, got to put on the full sexy nasty hospital gown, got hooked up to the monitor and be uncomfortably poked and prodded. All while trying to get a hold of my mother who was supposed to be picking up our DD from the sitter (she never did answer her phone). Then, we waited. They were testing the fluid to see if it was amniotic or not...

Turns out it was not.

So, we picked up DD and headed home. What a waste of a Friday. Definitely not how my DH anticipated his day off!

In the end, it motivated us to get our bags packed, at least! :) And baby is doing well and still needs to cook a bit longer, which is okay with me. 

The question now is... should we continue with our weekly Friday plans of walking 2 miles? The midwife discharged me from the hospital with "regular activity as comfortable" papers. What do you think?