Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Yummiest, Healthiest, Diabetic-Friendly Bread

My DD woke up from rest time today and told me exactly what she wanted for snack and... I was impressed!

Toast w/Chocolate Peanut Butter & sprinkled w/Cinnamon

She came up with this combination all on her own! I'm so proud. :)

Being gestational diabetic and also having food intolerances to corn and soy, I've had the hardest time finding a bread that I can eat. Most store-bought breads contain cornmeal or soy, in some form or another. And even low-carb breads like those found at Trader Joe's, tend to elevate my blood sugars. 

I decided to try to bake my own breads...

Peachy Lemon Millet Muffins #fail
Brown Rice Bread #fail

I had all but given up on breads for rest of my life, until I started reading Kath's posts on the bakery they were soon opening, a franchise of Great Harvest Bread Co. Intrigued by what she was posting, I decided to check out the website and see if there were any locations near me. I found 2 that were a reasonable distance away, so I kept on reading... fresh, family-owned, only pure whole-grain ingredients that come from a family-owned farm... WOW! I really liked what I was reading. 

The next day, I was going to be in the Woodbury location area and decided I'd stop in to the bakery, just to check it out. What could it hurt? I walked in to a beautiful, aromatic, friendly bakery! I got to taste-test a selection of their breads and even got to meet Natasha & Bob, the owners. This is how a bakery-buying experience SHOULD be! 

Natasha was so helpful in directing me to the "diabetic-friendly" breads that I should try. She sent me home with a half-loaf of their Dakota bread (my personal current favorite) to try out at home and see how it reacted with my blood sugars. I had NO problems at all with this bread and my blood sugars! And the rest is history... I only buy my bread from Natasha & Bob.

The snack above was shown with their High Five Fiber Bread. Check out the ingredients!

To find a Great Harvest Bread Co near you, click here.