Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The McDonald's Experiment/Freedom from Food Addiction

Update on the Pregnancy
About a month ago, I decided to hand over my blood-sugars & birthing to God. It was getting to be too much for me to handle & I was hanging on so tightly to what I wanted for this birthing experience (midwives & waterbirth) that I was carrying the full burden myself & forgot to ask what GOD wanted. 

Every time I'd see a high reading, I'd literally freak.out. After a much-needed conversation with my best friend (why do they always know exactly what to say at the most perfect time?) I realized that I needed to LET GO. I needed to remember that God put this baby in my belly (hello 4 years of infertility - read the story here) & God has seen her through for the past 35 weeks, so why wouldn't He see her through the birth? I needed to TRUST HIM.

After 3 weeks of uncontrollable high-readings & convincing my Endocrinologist to give me 1 more week to try to control this on my own (with diet & exercise) before putting me on meds (to which he agreed & I am forever grateful!) I FINALLY surrendered to God. I knew that if I didn't get my waterbirth & needed to switch to an OBGYN at the last minute, that God was in control & everything would be fine. It's so freeing when you have realizations like this!

Fast-forward to my next Endocrinologist appointment. I was unsuccessful at controlling my high readings with diet & exercise, so I fully expected to be put on meds. To my surprise (and God's glory), he instead said that he wasn't concerned with the high's that I was having and that putting me on meds at this point in my pregnancy wouldn't be that beneficial. He wrote up his report and sent it over to my very-conservative midwives.

Again, to my shock & surprise (and God's glory) the midwives had the same reaction! In the end, I get to stay with their practice and I get my waterbirth! Lesson learned:

GOD is in control & He wants to give us the desires of our heart, but not until we put down the burdens that aren't ours to carry & fully TRUST Him w/the outcome!

35 weeks
Total Weight Gained: +0 lbs

Now, I don't get to go all hog-wild and eat whatever I want. I still have to follow the diet I've been eating this entire pregnancy. And I would still follow it, even they told me I didn't have to anymore. I feel better than I have most of my life - emotionally, physically, mentally & spiritually. That is the power of eating for your health, instead of merely "to look good". 

Since all of this happened, my blood sugars have been nearly perfect! THAT, my friends, is the power of God's work in your life!


You do something stupid.

The McDonald's Experiment
Yesterday, we were heading out to Let's Dish for a double date with my parents. (Is that weird? LOL) Side note: They bought us 5 freezer meals (6 servings each) from Let's Dish for when after the baby comes! Score! (BTW- We really love Let's Dish. Sure, it's probably not hormone-free, grass-fed meat or organic fruits & vegetables, but for the most part, they are healthy meals. And the cool part is, since you assemble them yourself, you can leave ingredients out or modify it how you need to. For instance, a couple of the recipes we assembled last night called for brown sugar and/or soy sauce/Worchestershire sauce, all of which, I can't eat. So, we left the ingredients out! Walla!)

Anyway, I didn't have time was too lazy to pack a dinner, so I thought to myself, 'Well, since you had a few lower blood sugar readings today, surely you could have McDonald's and it would be fine." Now, I haven't had McDonald's (or any fast food, for that matter, besides subs, which still kill my blood sugar) since April 13th. And yes, it killed my blood sugar. 

So, stupid me, ate a McChicken Sandwich w/Cheese & 1/2 of a small Fry (plain). Sure enough, my blood sugar sky-rocketed.

Freedom From Food Addiction
Here's the deal: I'm not going to beat myself up over eating McDonald's. Sometimes, these little experiments NEED to happen. I used to be a big fast-foodie and binge-eater/compulsive over-eater. I used to use "looking good" as my motivation for trying to not eat the stuff & it didn't work. It just made me want it more. But now, I have this amazing tool (see, there IS a positive to gestational diabetes) where I can physically see (by the blood sugar number) the impact a certain food has on my body. Not only that, but I ended up with a headache about an hour after eating it! I haven't had a headache in months! 

The new Amykinz...The HEALTHY Amykinz... now eats to fuel my body (without sacrificing the yummy-factor). My personal body. What works for my body, maybe doesn't work for someone else's. And what works for someone else's body, maybe doesn't work for mine. God gave me one body to look after and He says to treat it like a temple. Now armed with the knowledge of how my body reacts to fast-food, I simply won't eat it. THAT is way more motivating to me than to simply "look good".  And the power that food once had over me, no longer exists! That is freedom!

Thank you Jesus, for healing my body image, relationship with food and the like.