Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bun In The Oven

Here's my story...

Fourteen months ago, I had my daughter Isabel. A perfect pregnancy, a perfect delivery and a perfect baby! I couldn’t have asked for more. After not wanting to go on the pill again, we sought out other forms of birth control and came across a form of natural family planning. About six months into it, I discovered I have a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Isabel is like a miracle baby!

Anyway, I went in for an ultrasound to confirm the condition and to my surprise, was told I was pregnant. A week later, I lost the baby, due to the PCOS condition. I went on medication and was told I would have problems with infertility. A few months later, I was having symptoms of other sorts and went back to the doctor, thinking I had a bug. She told me she thought I had endometriosis which made the infertility issues worse and made me be in a lot of pain every month. I went to another doctor for a second opinion and everything was confirmed…the PCOS and the endometriosis.

So, for the past 4 months I’ve been waiting to hear back from the best doctor in the nation about getting in for surgery with him this summer/fall to hopefully correct the PCOS and to remove the endometriosis to improve my chances of having more babies. The surgery and other procedures were going to cost us $5,000 (which we don’t have) and a 7-10 day stay in Omaha, NE. I was told I should maybe think about trying to get pregnant, as it puts your endometriosis into dormancy (at least until you start cycling again). However, the trick is conceiving and if you are lucky enough to conceive, not miscarrying.

Anyway, this past Tuesday, I took a pregnancy test because of some symptoms I’d been having. We weren’t trying to get pregnant because my husband wasn’t ready for another one, but to our surprise, I am pregnant! And my husband had a heart change instantaneously! He was so excited! We went back to my charts to find out how it had happened because I didn’t ovulate this past month! We are still scratching our heads! Ladies, according to all the laws of nature…I should NOT be pregnant right now!

My first reaction was to not tell anyone for fear that I will lose the baby (I am just over 4 weeks along right now). But, after talking to a select few Christian friends who I trust very much, they claimed, “The devil is NOT going to take this baby from you!” and I was instructed to tell everyone I know! The reason was to claim that this baby is mine and WILL make it to full term and also to get people to rally around me with the power of prayer. So, here I am, telling you all my story with tears in my eyes. I am asking for you to stand in agreement with me that this baby is MINE and rally around me and my family in prayer.

And lastly, endometriosis is an incurable condition and I have been told that it will return when I start cycling again and the $5,000 surgery in Omaha is inevitable. I am asking once again that you stand in agreement with me that both the PCOS and endometriosis conditions will NEVER return! That God will not only give me 2 healthy babies that never should have existed, but that he will cure my body of these conditions and the surgery will never have to take place!

So with that said, thanks for listening to my story and I look forward to all the wonderful things God has planned for my family and for yours!