Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Baby Whisperer

Another thing I am claiming of who I am is a baby whisperer. I got the name from one of my very best friends, Jen. She said I "rehabilitate babies and train parents". I think that's what she said anyway. :)

It's true, it is something that comes natural to me. I always had a love for kids and never really had any issues with knowing what to do with one. Discipline and caring for babies and kids has always just come very second nature and natural to me. And I'd often heard that I had a way with children and that I got them to do things that they'd never done before.

Now, it hasn't ALL been natural...I've done a lot of reading, had a lot of experience (I've worked with kids for 10+ years in one form or another), and some education. But the book that changed my life forever (and Jen's too and the reason for her naming this) is Babywise. The pediatrician who wrote the book is a genious! HE is the real baby whisperer, here. Everyone that I know that has followed his plan in this book had children sleeping through the night from 2 weeks old to 6 weeks old! My baby was one of those and it was a true blessing! It made me a better mother.

Now, I know there are some of you who turn your noses up to Babywise and I understand why. Many of the parents who read the book, take what they want from the book and leave what they don't. One of the things they don't take from it is probably the most critical thing he says...basically, above all else...use your motherly instinct! You know your baby best! If you think your baby is being malnurished...feed it more! However, many a parent have read the book and somehow missed this, causing their child to be hospitalized for malnutrition and causing the medical world to HATE this book. I want to challenge that. It's not the's the reader. My challenge is for you to read the book yourself with an OPEN MIND and made up your opinion from that.

Anyway, I'm done with my soap box about it. This blog is about my head and thoughts and those are just them. But back to who I am...I am claiming that I am a baby whisperer of sorts. It's a gift I was given and treasure. And I'm tired of hearing how LUCKY I am that my daughter is sleeping and eating so well and is so well-mannered. While I agree, yes, that some of it is her personality (her daddy is pretty laid-back), I need to take some credit for that, too. I've worked very diligently and hard with her. When I do something, I do it all out and passionately. (Which I was told again today that I was dramatic - come on people...I am PASSIONATE...get it right!) Anyway, I don't things half-assed and my daughter is a testimony of what CONSISTENCY can do for your children. That's my secret...consistency. I don't care what you...just do it well and be consistent and all will be well.