Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pool vs Beach, La Croix & Gummy Bear Brats

I've reached the stage of my pregnancy where every day that I wake up and I'm still pregnant, I'm instantly pissed off.

Don't get me wrong, I am completely grateful that I'm even pregnant at all and that I was able to carry my baby girl to full term. But I just know that she's at weight & ready to come any day, so each day that it drags out, I get frustrated! I'm more frustrated because I'm literally having contractions every 10-15 minutes all day long, but they rarely get closer. It's just annoying. 

Each week there's decent progress on dilation/effacement/baby's​ position, so I know these contractions are doing something (which will hopefully amount to a fast, natural labor later). I just want to meet her already! 

I shouldn't complain, cause I'm actually still feeling pretty good (except when she kicks me in the ribs, like all last night) & I'm still sleeping pretty well (except for getting up to pee every hour). But, I've been waiting for four years for this, so I just want to be done already!!! 

*sigh* Ok, deep breath. Thanks for letting me rant for a minute. :)

Yesterday, some friends of ours invited us to go swimming at the outdoor pool at the gym that they belong to. It was a gorgeous day for it! 

I haven't been in a swimsuit in a few months, so when I tried on my maternity suit & felt like it wasn't flattering, I was hoping that one of my non-maternity suits would bail me out.

I was pleasantly surprised by this one! 

Here are some highlights from our pool day...

DD asked me, "Mom, why is everyone sleeping?" LOL

And this is what she did when I ask her to "smile". Lil stinker!


I've decided that I'm more of a pool person than a beach person. 

Sure, the beach is fun every once in awhile. And I do like being able to feel the sand beneath my toes. 

But, here's why I really am a pool-lover:
  • being able to swim in clean water (except for the chemicals)
  • not having to worry about chiggers or swimmer's itch
  • being able to find a shaded area to sit (which is hard to find at most beaches)
  • not having to clean up the pounds of sand that somehow find their way into everything
  • not having to worry about fish touching (or even biting!) me

Do you prefer beaches or pools?

In addition to my traditional water, I also sipped on some of this at the pool...

I first heard about LaCroix sparkling water on Holly's blog. LaCroix has 7 different flavors: natural, berry, cran-raspberry, lemon (see above picture), lime, orange & grapefruit. 

I've tried the berry, lemon, lime & orange. My favorites are the berry & lemon.

These are a great alternative to soda pop and since they're water, they'll keep you hydrated, too. The flavorings are very subtle (just a hint of flavor), so if you're expecting a nice sugary flavor, like soda, you'll be disappointed. My husband's assessment, "They taste really watered down." He makes me laugh; they are sparkling water after all. :)

Overall, they are a good alternative for me, for when I'm just craving the bubbles.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with LaCroix and was not compensated in anyway to give this review. This is simply my own assessment of the product that was bought with my own money.

Lastly, if you live in MN, chances are you've heard of the new phenomenon... Gummy Bear Brats. They were featured on the news last night. You can read the story & watch the news segment here.

It is what it sounds like. A local meat company is now selling brats made with gummy bears. And their next endeavor? Kool-aid flavored brats. Sound appealing to you?

I just need to take a minute and share my gut-reaction on this... 

While I am all for buying local & finding new and exciting concoctions, I am frankly disgusted with America's obsession with junk food. Why does everything need to be laced with sugar for us to enjoy it? 

The rave is all about the salty-sweet combination. I get it. But, isn't there healthier ways and ingredients to get that flavor combo

The worst part is, it seems that parents are thinking this is such a great idea for their kids to eat! Of course it is. My DD would eat nothing but sugar all day long, if I let her. 

Sure, a little bit of sugar here and there is ok, but it's in everything we eat! Is it any wonder diabetes is so prominent in the USA? Or that we have so many obese people? When are we going to wake-up America?