Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Treats!

Yesterday morning I tried to trick my daughter by giving her rice milk instead of cow's milk. I honestly thought she'd like it better because it's sweeter, but she noticed right away. What I heard was, "Yuck! Mommy, there's something wrong with this milk!" :)

Amazing Grass Meal~Chocolate Infusion made w/Strawberries & Almond Milk
served w/Ezekiel Bread & Earth Balance

This week's newest introduction to the Endo Diet is getting enough water. Dehydration causes your cells to become sluggish; your body can't build new tissues effectively, toxic product build-up in your bloodstream, blood volume decreases, less oxygen and fewer nutrients are transported to your cells, making you feel weak and tired. You need water for mental health clarity and emotional balance. Water provides us with energy, stops water-retention, improves the look of your skin, quenches your appetite and helps banish cellulite. It's best to buy ONLY spring water. If you can't afford it, by a filter and change it often. The goal is to get at least 8 glasses of water in per day. (Information provided by the endo diet link above)

Speaking of skin, mine has been breaking out like CRAZY since surgery. I read, on a Naturopathic Doctor's website, that skin breakouts are your body's way of getting rid of toxins that it doesn't want in there. On that note, I guess I'm glad I'm breaking out?! Seriously though, I haven't had this much trouble w/my skin since I was a teenager! What products do you guys use that are organic w/o all the added crap? Anyone else have this acne problem as an adult? Particularly when they started changing their eating habits?

Organic Vegetarian Chili w/Daiya Cheese
served w/Organic Baby Carrots, Organic Grapes & Rice Milk 

In an effort to find a good alternative to shredded cheese, I found this little nugget at Whole Foods...

It works, as an alternative; however, this cheese substitute tastes nothing like shredded cheese. In fact, I find that it hasn't much flavor at all. Though it's really not that terrible nutrition-wise, I think I'll save my calories for something I truly like.

While the children are napping, I'm enjoying my new little treat!
My homemade Strawberry Sorbet!

The Strawberry Sorbet was pure deliciousness! I think next time I'll try using less sugar, though. You can find the recipe here. Enjoy!