Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Turkish Delights

I forgot to mention that after 1 week of no dairy, the scale said I was experiencing a  weight loss of about 2 lbs. I don't put much stock into this, however, because a lovely side effect of dealing w/PCOS is not being able to lose weight. And if you are lucky enough to lose it, it's pretty impossible to keep it off. I am doing this for my health & healing, NOT to lose weight. If that happens to be a side effect, then great, if not, I'm still trudging forward for my health.
Organic Dried Turkish Apricots - a delight!

For breakfast I had my usual Raisin Bran cereal with my rice milk. Today, however, I decided to add some chopped up organic dried Turkish apricots and some slivered almonds. OH. MY. These little apricots were sooo incredibly good, I just wanted to eat the whole bag! Definitely, a new found favorite!

In addition to water this week, I'm focusing on exercise. (groan) I'm not gonna lie... I HATE exercising! However, there are activities that I enjoy doing and miss, actually. Like running, yoga, dance & softball. I never seem to have time for any of them, because I'm so darn busy. But, I realized something this week... I don't have time for them, because I don't MAKE time for them. I've decided that what I need to do is write them in my calendar as a set appointment. If someone calls to do something, I need to invite them or not go out with them. Taking care of ME and keeping my stress levels down while doing something I enjoy needs to be a priority in my life. There was a study done that proved that women with more stress in their lives, suffered worse symptoms of endometriosis then the women with less stress. I'll say it again... THIS NEEDS TO BE A PRIORITY! In order to have a goal to work towards, I have 2 events that I'm super excited about! Click on them for more information.

Hope & Hearts Run

MS Twin Cities Mud Run

I never used to like shopping; in fact, I hated it. Until my uber-stylish friends took me shopping! Now I know how to dress for my body type & I'm loving it. This past weekend my SIL took me the Len Druskin Outlet at Southdale Mall in MN. I found soooo many goodies!

My new find! Don't you love it?
I got these great finds at Target this week. Whole Foods had the exact same turkey for sale at $1 more!

I spread a little guacamole on these wraps and put the turkey on top then rolled it up. You could add veggies to it, too. I wish I had some sprouts to add, but Whole Foods didn't have them. Guess I'll have to remember to get them at Target next time.

Isn't it pretty? :) I took one bite and gak! It was nasty! I couldn't figure out what I didn't like about it, so I unrolled it and started eating each piece by itself. Was the guacamole old? Nope, that's good. Was it the turkey? Nope, that's decent. Is it the wrap? GAK! Yup, I didn't like these wraps at all. So, I ate the turkey by itself & pulled off the guacamole with my carrots. lol. I grabbed the remaining apples & stuck them in the fridge. This one was much too soft for my liking. Overall, lunch was very unsuccessful.

I've really been craving iced tea lately. But I don't want the sugared-up kind, I want the healthy homemade kind. One problem: I have no idea how to make iced tea. lol. So, this was my version...

My version of homemade iced tea
Well, it worked pretty well actually. I just had to steep it for quite awhile. The lemon flavor went really well with the carrots. I'm not sure this is the proper way to make it, though. Anyone have any suggestions or recipes?

Homemade Veggie Soup
Is that not the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?! I was craving the Zero Point WW Veggie Soup from my old Weight Watchers days. I found this recipe online, but it isn't the original. You can find the original here. I used a combination of the 2 recipes to make mine, but I left out the salt & pepper. I wanted a low-sodium soup. And.... that's exactly what I got. :( I wasn't impressed. I think next time I'll just use the original recipe and follow it to a "T"; hopefully it will be as good as I remember it! This recipe is really versatile, too. You can add whatever veggies you want and take out whichever ones you don't!

Oh, and a note on spring water... remember to fill your tea pot & ice cube trays with fresh spring water and not tap water. This is something I caught myself doing!