Monday, September 13, 2010

Hell's Kitchen - A Restaurant Review

Sign found in the bathroom
Strawberry Mimosa... Yum!
Bloody Mary
I didn't try it, but my bro wasn't impressed
Lots of "weird" art
They have Oolong Tea!
They make their own chunky peanut butter!
Live Music ~ She sounded like Sarah McLachlan
Interesting chandeliers

My bro said, "Do you feel guilty being at Hell's Kitchen on a Sunday morning?" lol
Hell's Kitchen homemade peanut butter
Cornmeal Waffle w/Fresh Berries
But I added the peanut butter, too... :)

In review, I would highly recommend this place. From the interesting and different atmosphere, to the staff in pajama's, to the AMAZING food and mimosas! 4 stars!