Friday, September 17, 2010

Reflection & a few requested Recipes

I've been thinking about some things that I've learned since changing the way I eat. Here's a few things:

  • Prepping & making my food gives me so much satisfaction on different levels. I enjoy my food more. I feel better about knowing what's going in what I'm eating. When it tastes good, I feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement! I find it relaxing.
  • I was worried that eating "healthy" would kill my love/passion for food. But I was wrong. It has actually ENHANCED my love for food. My passion is shifting to healthy food that actually tastes good!
  • It's not about controlling your weight, it's about health. When you're eating healthy, your constant focus on your weight (or at least those of you fighting disordered eating) shifts. I find I'm not thinking about my weight as often anymore.
  • The more you eat healthy food, the more your body craves healthy food. And when you do have a brownie, you're actually satisfied w/one, instead of eating the whole pan, like I used to do. Especially, since those brownies are made w/HEALTHY ingredients! (You can still have treats... they're just healthy, but still delicious!)
Now, what is the perfect fall meal? CHILI and BROWNIES! Enjoy!

These are veggies sautéing for the chili. They were just too pretty to not take a picture of! I have also found that I am learning to LOVE veggies!!! For this Delicious Vegan Chili recipe, click here.

And now, for my most requested recipe... MACAROON BROWNIES!

Macaroon Brownies
1 package brownie mix
1 ripe avocado
coconut oil (check package for amount)
water (check package for amount, if any)
1 Tbsp ground flax

Mix all ingredients w/a hand mixer until smooth. Cook according to directions.

So, I cheated a little by using a packaged brownie mix. Next time, I'll make them from scratch by following this recipe.

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