Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No Filter

The more you read my blog, the more you'll learn that I have no filter. Nothing is taboo, no such thing as TMI, etc. So, now consider yourself warned. lol. No, but it in all seriousness, who I am, to my core, is an open, honest & authentic person. I tell it like it is and air out all my dirty laundry. In the past, it's been construed by some as attention-seeking, egocentric, etc. But, if they REALLY got to know me, they'd know that the real reason I do it (KNOWING I'll be persecuted by some) is for the few that come forward and say, "Thank you for sharing that. It changed my life." When you're authentic, it somehow gives others permission to be the same. It gives them inspiration and encouragement and isn't that what community is all about? Coming along-side each other and sharing life and our "issues" so we can be there for one another? Why is our society so scared of being "real" anymore?!

Anywho, I knew I had to preface w/that, because this post is going to be what some would call TMI. I say, if it helps even one person who is struggling w/the same health issues as me, then it was worth it. So, here it goes...

Yesterday I woke up feeling completely just yuck! I was super achy and tired (I even napped, which I haven't done since changing my diet in August) and nauseous. I didn't have much of an appetite for breakfast and once lunch rolled around still nothing sounded good. So, instead I whipped up a Humanizing Green Monster.

Humanizing Green Monster
1 cup almond milk
2 big handfuls of spinach
1 tbsp almond butter
1 serving Amazing Grass Chocolate Meal Powder
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tsp maca powder
2-3 cubes ice

Blend in a blender until smooth.

As the day went on I was still feeling crappy, even after this awesome drink that usually does the trick for me. So, I got to thinking... what the heck is going on with me? Then I realized... it was my bowels. In my most recent surgery, my endometriosis had caused my lower intestine to stick to the upper part of my uterus. I had awful pain on my left side. Now, if I get "stopped up", the pain returns and I feel nauseous and sick. A lovely thing that endometriosis sufferers get to deal with. So, I downed another glass of Miralax, took 2 Colace and hoped for the best.

To no avail. By snack I was still not feeling well, but I knew I needed to eat and I needed healthy food. So, I picked up some Trio Bars at Costco and thought I'd give it a try. 

In review, while the flavor of these is awesome, they are HARD! The kids had a hard time chewing through them and I was worried I was going to break my teeth. Ah well, I have a big box of them now (darn you Costco) so I guess I'll trudge through the rest of them and then maybe give Glo Bars a try. Or maybe I'll just find a winner for my Whole Food Bar Challenge! Check it out, if you haven't already!

Dinner was a bland bowl of oatmeal, since I couldn't stomach anything else. And my husband gave my lower extremities a nice massaging. (I have the BEST husband!) What upsets me most is the things that endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome have taken from me... last night, I laid in bed while my husband took my daughter to dance class. I had to miss it. :(

On a happier note, tonight is my first run since last summer and also my first Hip Hop Dance class! Wish me luck!

Questions for my Readers:
1) Do you have a hard time being real with people? Why?
2) Do you have one food that always seems to make you physically feel better? What is it?
3) Are you going to go for my Whole Food Bar Challenge?
4) Do you have a condition that affects you daily? What has it stolen from you?